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Do you always overpack? Bring extras and options that you don’t need? It Cosmetics just launched one way to pare down your suitcase! Check out this  Superhero™ 4-in-1 Eye-Transforming Super Shadow and Liner Brush. A nifty sliding “neck” on the brush helps you switch between an allover shadow brush, a crease brush and a smudging brush with one quick click. Plus, there is a liner/brow brush on the other end. Could this eliminate the need to travel with so many brushes? Maybe.

Let’s take a look.


  • One brush replaces four brushes
  • Fits anywhere, easily
  • Great to keep in your makeup bag or at work for touchups


  • You have to clean the brush in-between color changes, which can be ultimately annoying, even with a great brush spray cleaner like this one.
  • The brush doesn’t really change that much; what changes is the flexibility of the bristles
  • Only helps with shadow, not blush or foundation. That would take some kind of magic to combine all of them…
Like all It Cosmetic brushes, this one feels luxe and blends beautifully. But cleaning off a brush in-between colors seems annoying, depending on the shades you are using. That said, if neutrals are your thing and touching up on the go is part of your day; or if you strive to pack lightly, this gimmicky little brush might be perfect.
Snag it as a last minute stocking stuffer for $29 from It Cosmetics.


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